Fall 2011 E-Discovery Reading Group

We will meet each week for a reading group to explore research issues related to E-Discovery. The reading group will meet on Thursdays from 4-5 PM in HBK 4113, which is in the south wing (the "classroom section") of the same building that contains Hornbake Library). We will discuss one paper each week, with the goal of covering a broad range of topics that reflect the research interests of the participants. The expectations for participants in the reading group are: Graduate students from any department, and from any university in the Consortium of Universities in the Washington Metropolitan Area with a related research interest may register for this reading group as a one-credit seminar course (INST 718A) with the permission of the instructor. Registered students incur the following additional expectations:

We will agree on paper to read for each session at least a week or two in advance of the session and we'll add it to this Web page as we do. Someone will need to volunteer to lead the discussion each week, and that person will clearly have a great deal of influence over what we choose to read! So bring your ideas to our first and second meetings, and at the end of the session we'll take a few minutes to plan out the schedule for the semester.

To keep things reasonable, we will resist the inevitable temptation to discuss two papers in a single week -- if a paper you want to suggest is too small for the discussion to fill an hour, just pick a different paper. And if you really do want to discuss two papers, let's use two weeks for that.

Session Date Topic Discussion Leader Reading(s) Notes
Sep 1
The Scope of E-Discovery
Doug Oard
Jack G. Conrad, E-Discovery Revisited: The Need for Artificial Intelligence Beyond Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence and Law, 18(4)321-345, 2010. (direct access with library authentication)  
Sep 8
Visualization for E-Discovery
Sergey Golitsynskiy
Victoria L. Lemieux and Jason R. Baron, Overcoming the Digital Tsunami in E-Discovery: Is Visual Analytics the Answer?, Canadian Journal of Law and Technology, June, 2011.  
Sep 15
Automating Review for Responsiveness
William Webber
Herbert L. Roitblat, Anne Kershaw and Patrick Oot, Document Categorization in Legal Electronic Discovery: Computer Classification vs. Manual Review, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 61(1)70-80 (2010). (direct access with library authentication)  
Sep 22
Automating Review for Responsiveness (redux)
Mossaab Bagdouri
Maura R. Grossman and Gordon V. Cormack, Technology-Assisted Review in E-Discovery Can Be More Effective and More Efficient than Exhaustive Manual Review, Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, 17(3), 2011.  
Sep 29
The Legal View of the E-Discovery Task
Jason Baron
David D. Cross and Sanya Sarich Kerksiek, Using electronic search tools and search-methodology experts in e-discovery: a discussion of recent case law and other authorities, Michael D. Berman, Courtney Ingraffia Barton, and Paul W. Grimm (ed.), Managing E-Discovery and ESI: From Pre-Litigation Through Trial, American Bar Association, 2011. Email William Webber for copy.
Oct 6
Working E-Discovery Systems
Earl Wagner
Christopher Hogan, Robert S. Bauer, and Dan Brasil, Automation of legal sensemaking in e-discovery, Artificial Intelligence and Law, 18(4):431-457, 2010. (direct access with library authentication)  
Oct 13
E-Discovery in Case Law
Jeanine Joiner
Mt. Hawley Insurance Company v. Felman Production, Inc., 271 F.R.D. 125 (May 18, 2010) (direct access with library authentication) Please email William Webber for copy if you are unable to access from WestLaw.
Oct 20
Fundamental Science and Technology
Utpal Garain
Sachindra Joshi, Danish Contractor, Kenney Ng, Prasad M. Deshpande, and Thomas Hampp, Auto-grouping emails for faster eDiscovery, VLDB, Seattle, September 2011.  
Oct 27
E-discovery on Alternative Document Formats
Levon Mkrtchyan
The Sedona Conference®, The Sedona Conference® Database Principles: Addressing the Preservation & Production of Databases & Database Information in Civil Litigation, 47pp, 2011.  
Nov 3
Redaction and anonymization
Dave Lewis
Lynette Hirschman and John Aberdeen, Measuring Risk and Information Preservation: Toward New Metrics for De-identification of Clinical Texts, LOUHI, June 2010.  
Nov 10
Text Classification in E-Discovery
Michael Bloodgood
Gordon V. Cormack and Mona Mojdeh, Machine Learning for Information Retrieval: TREC 2009 Web, Relevance Feedback and Legal Tracks, TREC, 2009.  
Nov 17
TREC (no meeting)
Nov 24
Thanksgiving (no meeting)
Dec 1
Social Network Analysis
David Kirsch
Sinan Aral and Marshall Van Alstyne, The Diversity-Bandwidth Trade-off, American Journal of Sociology, 2011 (direct access with library authentication).  
Dec 8
Sampling for Assurance
Dave Doermann
Tom Turner and John Tredennick, Smart Sampling in e-Discovery, Tennesee Bar Journal, October, 2011. Email William Webber for copy.

Proposed reading

Following are proposed papers for unfilled weeks. Please contact William Webber if you would like to lead the discussion for one of these papers, or if you have other papers to suggest.

Legal commentary

Working e-discovery systems

Doug Oard, William Webber
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